Student Life

The John Hemmingson Gonzaga Center is more than just a building; it’s the heart of student life at Gonzaga University.

Amenities and Facilities

The Center offers a range of amenities that cater to student needs.

Dining Options

From fast food to fine dining, the Center has multiple options to satisfy student cravings.

Study Spaces

Quiet rooms and open spaces provide students with various environments for study and collaboration.

Student Services

The Center is also home to essential student services.

Career Services

The Center houses the career services office, offering counseling and job placement services for students.

Health and Wellness

A wellness center within the building provides health services and counseling to students.

Student Organizations and Clubs

The Center serves as the headquarters for various student organizations and clubs.

Meeting Rooms

Dedicated meeting rooms are available for student organizations to conduct meetings and plan events.

Event Spaces

The Center’s event spaces host a variety of student-led events, from cultural festivals to academic conferences.

The John Hemmingson Gonzaga Center is a vital part of Gonzaga University’s student life. Its diverse amenities, essential services, and spaces for student activities make it a hub for student engagement and well-being.



The John Hemmingson Gonzaga Center is not just a cornerstone for Gonzaga University; it also plays a significant role in the Spokane community.

Community Events

The Center is a popular venue for community events.

Public Lectures and Seminars

The Center often hosts public lectures and seminars that are open to the Spokane community.

Art Exhibitions

Local artists often get a platform to display their work at the Center.

Philanthropic Activities

The Center is also involved in various philanthropic activities that benefit the Spokane community.

Charity Drives

Regular charity drives are organized to collect donations for local causes.

Volunteer Programs

The Center serves as a hub for volunteer programs that engage both students and community members.

Spokane Community

The Center’s activities have a broader impact on the Spokane community.

Economic Impact

The Center contributes to the local economy by hosting events and employing local residents.

Social Impact

Through its various programs and events, the Center fosters social cohesion and community building.

The John Hemmingson Gonzaga Center serves as a pillar in the Spokane community. Its commitment to hosting community events and participating in philanthropic activities makes it more than just a university building; it’s a community asset that enriches the lives of both students and Spokane residents.